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Childcare Provided is the latest Child Care Directory that you can have the most in depth webpage listing that we will optimise so its ranked well in google from $1 a week and its the easiest way to list your childcare services for parents to find.   (we will even set it up for you if you want  0424963144)
. What makes us different?
We’re Superior with everything starting at the cost.           Easy to use and we complete everything your potential families need to know about you! Each and every day we see complicated ways for parents to learn more about childcare options – we see confused parents in Facebook groups – paying to read messages – we just realized it’s too hard for parents to compare and find what they’re looking for instantly.

Parents can just use the customised form we have developed so they can ask/tell you all details you and they want before you even talk in person.
 There’s options to suit everyone. Whether you’d like a free listing (which is absolutely essential for all childcare’s) or you want a $4.33p/m  Premium Listing Package in which you receive your own complete Web-page including galleries, featured images, extensive contact forms, events, images, socialmedia links and more or if you want to bump your presence up with a homepage advertisement listing.. We’ve got you covered on Child Care Provided Australia.

If you have any questions,  just call us directly on 0424963144  or 0413419806

Which option best suits you?


FREE Child Care Listing – Essential to your business’ online presence.

  • Childcare Name
  • Location
  • Email Address | Website


PREMIUM Child Care Listing – A complete webpage for your business, included online marketing, Listing Search Engine Optimisation –  standout for all families  (Only $1 a week but charged monthly @$4.33 per month)

+ Most Common Sold +

  • Childcare Name
  • Location
  • Email | Phone Number | Website 
  • Contact Form including age, interested start date, etc
  • Logo | Image Gallery/Staff Gallery/Photos
  • Service Information | Philosophy 
  • What your service supplies
  • Who you cater for
  • All Social Media Buttons 
  • Open Hours and Vacancies
  • EVENTS (Open days, playgroups, etc)
  • Price Table
  • Age Groups
  • Scheme or Organization
  • ABN
  • Reviews from Families 

Want more?

For an absolute prominent advertising for childcare’s who want the maximum exposure, we recommend our PREMIUM HOMEPAGE ADVERTISER option.

This option is for maximum exposure @ $59 per 60 days, you’ll receive everything in the above premium listing, plus additional FRONT PAGE advertising reaching up to tens of thousands of potential families a week. You can choose what you’d like to advertise – whether it be your childcare in general or special offers you may have running. It’s the perfect way to get exposure, be prominent and add value and trust to your service.

Start promoting your business with us.

Take the opportunity – we’re no fuss. We have options to suit everyone – from 100% FREE LISTINGS which is absolutely essential so parents can see you. It’ll take a few minutes of your day and the potential is endless. The team at Childcare Provided aim to be the number one way for parents to find you, so there’s no reason not to advertise your childcare!


  • Fill in you email, username and choose your package,
  • Click on Sign Up,
  • If buying a Premium listing, pay for package on PayPal or Stripe (prompted)
  • Check your email (including Junk) for login info, click the link to set password
  • Log in, click your account button on the top right and click ‘My Items’. Click ‘add new’ and fill in the details you’d like to display. Click ‘PUBLISH’
    You’re done! You can edit your information at any time by accessing your ‘item’ through your account.



Why do we think we’re the best Childcare Directory and why are we different?

Childcare Provided is run and owned by a husband and wife team – one being a Web Designer, SEO and Online Marketing Specialist and the other being a Qualified Childcare Owner and Educator. We know how hard it can be to advertise your service and deal with competition, but we also know what works! We knew something had to be done to make a consistent, easy to use system for parents to find care but also something that YOU can have control over. We also know how pricey it is to develop a full website (1-3k) and market it online (1-3k per month!) That’s why when you sign up to our listings, you can essentially create a web page – no experience necessary and just a few minutes of your time – with the outcome being an incredible, in depth page that parents can find EVERYTHING they might want to know about your service. Its so easy and so straightforward! Just enter your details such as opening hours, gallery, staffing details, contact details, philosophy, etc and your page will be generated! PLUS we do all the online marketing for you, the optimisation, and ensure you’re visible on Search Engines. Why pay thousands when we can give it to you all?

With our Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing knowledge, Childcare Provided ranks highly on Google and will only keep ranking higher with more Childcare business onboard meaning when people search for you, your service or your area, they should see YOUR PAGE first! Most directories don’t push this, so we KNOW we can help your business thrive. What’s to lose?  Your Vacancies!

  • With our PREMIUM LISTINGS, when a parent clicks on your icon, they'll initially see a quick access pop up with your immediate contact details, a featured image or logo, and quick information. When they click 'show more', they'll also see:

  • + Your service name
    + A featured image
    + A photo gallery, and/or
    + Staff gallery

  • + Reviews or recommendations from your families
    + A philosophy
    + About you or your service
    + Any other details you wish to add

  • + Your open hours and days
    + Your vacancies
    + Your address or approximate area
    if you choose not to disclose
    + Your email
    + Phone number
    + Website, and/or
    + A contact form if you choose not to
    disclose your contact details directly
    + All and every Social Media button
    + A 'plan route' button for parents to
    drive using Maps.

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