Hi! my name is Anne-Marie and I’m the owner and early childhood educator at Daisies and Dinosaurs Family Daycare Coolum Beach, running in conjuncton with C & R cowling Scaife Family Daycare Providers. Daisies and Dinosaurs is a Family Daycare catering for 4 children a day, ages birth – kindergarten in a beautiful home-like environment. We pride our service on a beautiful fusion of Montessori and Steiner educational styles, focusing on allowing each child to be entirely who they are and tapping into their strengths. We run an interest-based program thoroughly covering the Early Years Learning Framework and work with you as parents, on your routines, needs, and goals for your child.

I have adored working with children throughout my life. My previous work history began in a Montessori centre as a Lead Educator for the 15m – 3 year old age group, which inspired me in many ways on creating a nurturing and meaningful environment, as well as understanding that children are capable of so many things that many long daycares overlook and that children are the world’s future – they deserve the best start to life as possible. I very highly value what I learnt over the years and this has influenced Daisies and Dinosaurs greatly.

After moving to Coolum Beach, I was given an opportunity to work in a Family Daycare. This opportunity made me certain it was what I wanted to do. While I do believe there are many benefits of regular long daycare and of course, depends on the child, family daycare has proved to me to create a nurturing, empowering, home-like environment that children feel comfortable being in, especially in under kindergarten age. There is SO much more time to give directly to the children and help them grow, develop, and experience and it is visible that this reflects their behaviour and learning.

Daisies and Dinosaurs is located in central Coolum Beach. I live with my partner Cheyne (who is much adored). We also have a puppy named Indie who has proved to be a valuable family member.  She is a very loving and affectionate dog, however she is fenced off from the children for safety whilst we play outside. We also have some fish we love to watch and chickens that we raised together from an incubator hatchling program. They are very valuable to our every day experiences as  the children have created such a caring bond and they continue to care for them. We also have a veggie and herb garden that we update regularly and use for cooking experiences.

Some of the things you will see us doing on a regular basis is cooking, gardening, taking care of our animals and using natural materials. I believe that all activities should have a purpose and ‘real life’ activities provide this, as well as extend development in a meaningful way. Everything we learn about has a reason, whether it has extended from a bug we found in the garden, what a child enjoyed doing on the weekend or something we discovered in a story. I feel that this provides a deeper invitation to learn as the learning has already begun from this initial experience.

I absolutely love spending time learning new things about each child, working with them to achieve their and their parents goals and creating a safe, happy and fun environment, and am excited to meet some new faces!



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Our Philosophy

Daisies and Dinosaurs Family Daycare believes each child is an individual, and will never be placed into a 'one size fits all' scenario. We work with your child's strengths, support their needs, and follow their interests to best cater for their education. We are holistic and we follow a 'whole' child approach - emotions, physical, self help, creative, cognitive aspects. We believe in creating a 'home away from home' - a place your child can feel safe, loved and an important part of our daycare family. We will always work with you - your home routines, your beliefs and your concerns. Our environment follows a natural approach and we care for our environment, nature, our animals and believe incorporating nature into our daily routines is important for all.


“While I am here I also wanted to pass on my thanks and praise for the amazing care Anne-Marie provides for my son. It is the most comforting feeling in the world to know that I don't have to worry about him when he's not in my care as I know he is having a fabulous time with Anne-Marie and his friends. The activities that she does with the kids take so much forethought and organisation and she is never short of an educational and entertaining activity for them to do. She has unlimited time and patience for the kids and my son has learnt so much in the year he has been with her, it truly is incredible and we think the world of her. I thought i would pass on the positive feedback now while I have the chance.” – Megan M. “We are absolutely thrilled with our decision to move the boys to be in Anne-Marie. She is beyond amazing with the boys, and has worked wonderfully with us and any difficulties we have with the kids. We could not recommend her and your scheme more highly. Thanks again. It has certainly be life changing for us as a family, to see the boys so happy now.”  - Clare H. “We LOVE Daisies and Dinosaurs Family Day Care! It's hard to get my son to come home after a wonderful day with Anne-Marie, always bringing in new and imaginative play and supporting his natural curiosity and interests in a homey peaceful environment!!! We feel extremely blessed to have Anne-Marie as a part of our sons journey. – Robyn M